Just wait and see

Yesterday, I went to PMH to see Dr. Yee.  I have been off Gleevec for 2 days.  My WBC continued to fall (which I consider to be a good thing, but it’s actually below normal now) and my platelets rose a tiny bit to 24 (from 22 two days ago).  It is still extremely low, but Dr. Yee said as long as it doesn’t continue falling, it should be ok.  So, she told me to start Gleevec again at 400mg a day, instead of the 600mg that I was taking when I was first diagnosed in the advanced phase. I am very concerned that the dose reduction will cause eventual resistance, but I also need to improve my platelets.  Double-edged sword.   It is now “just wait and see”.

I now want to turn your attention to hospital gowns.  I don’t like them.  You are either exposing your front-side or your back-side.  Seriously???  Anyways, I was having trouble breathing, so I got a CT scan yesterday.  I learned from a very nice CT scan operator that if you wear 2 hospital gowns, one with the opening facing foward and the other facing backward, you are totally covered!  Nifty!  Just a thought if you should ever need a scan in the future.

Oh, and one last thing for this post.  Why are there XXXL hospital gowns?  Has anyone ever seen a 300 lb. cancer patient?  Geesh.

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7 Responses to Just wait and see

  1. Tiffany says:

    Maybe they are made in USA. :p

  2. Hanna says:

    why couldn’t they make the hole on the side?
    fingers crossed on the Gleevec reduction!

  3. Lucina Chao says:

    That’s why I’m amazed with how creative the kids and nurses are at Sickkids. Some of the gowns actually look pretty, one-of-a-kind, priceless. Guess we have something to learn from the kids: to find joy in all situations. Keeping you in my prayers!

  4. Edna Ho says:

    Hi Winnie: This is Edna again! I consulted with my dad (anesthetist) regarding hospital gown. Unfortunately, the opening on the front is most commonly used (quick & efficient) for hospital personnel’s checking convenience. The design for either front or back is really for check up purpose. Side way opening is not feasible since upon check up, exposure area must be open wide. Hospital should provide button up or string tied gowns if staying in the hospital. If you feel cold or uncomfortable with the opening, you should be able to request for an extra gown to wrap around. But of course, hospital personnels don’t prefer that coz they’ll have to wait for you to take out the extra layer during check up :p Gowns with XXXL size probably only exist in North America. Here in Asia we have XXS for the kids. My daughter tried one before.

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