Happy holidays!

Can you believe it?  Only 5 days to Christmas! Merry Christmas (or happy holidays) everyone!!!

I won’t be going away this Christmas, but will be spending some quiet time with family.

These two days have been busy hospital days for me.  The hospital was jam packed full of patients and visitors, all trying to get their business done before the holidays.  I had a bone marrow aspiration/biopsy yesterday.  Hopefully, preliminary results will be available next week.  The doctor told me to go on a Gleevec “holiday” for one week, to see if my blood counts (i.e., WBC, hemoglobin and platelets) can recover.  I pray that my blood counts will recover to normal levels and that my leukemic cells will not come back during this week off.

The doctor then ordered me 1 bag of platelets and 2 bags of red blood cells, to pull me through the holidays.  They only had time to infuse the platelets yesterday, so I had to go back to the hospital today to infuse the 2 bags of red blood cells.  They had trouble finding my veins these 2 days, so I got poked twice on day 1 and thrice on day 2.  Ouch!!!  Again, the hospital days were long and tiring.

My firm (Ernst & Young), in cooperation with the Other Half and OneMatch, hosted stem cell donor drives for me and other patients in our Toronto and Vancouver offices last week (Dec. 13).  It was a great success and I want to thank everyone who helped organize the drives and all of the donors for their generosity.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Here are some pictures of the Ernst & Young drives: 

EY Toronto North Donor Drive

EY Toronto North Donor Drive

EY Vancouver Donor Drive

EY Vancouver Donor Drive

EY Toronto Donor Drive

EY Toronto Donor Drive

EY Toronto Donor Drive

EY Toronto Donor Drive

EY Toronto Donor Drive

EY Toronto Donor Drive

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2 Responses to Happy holidays!

  1. Lucina Chao says:

    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2013! May the birth of Jesus bring you the gift of faith, the blessing of hope and the peace of His love during this holy season and always. I’m so touched by your courage and the tremendous love and support shown by your friends. It’s indeed witnessing God’s great love in actions.

  2. Hi Lucina,

    Merry Christmas to you and your family! And have a great 2013! I pray every day that I stay strong, faithful and hopeful. It is not always easy. And sometimes, it is just plain tough. But with the support of my family, friends and colleagues, it is much more doable. I am hoping that my 2013 will not be like my 2012. God bless!

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