So much shopping, so little time…

On Boxing Day, I did something I shouldn’t have done, considering my “condition”, but I couldn’t help it and I just HAD to do it.  I went Boxing Day shopping.  I wanted to beat the rush, so I got up real early and got to the stores at 7:15am.  Yup, 7:15am.  I am crazy, yes, but there were thousands and thousands of other crazy people like me! 

There wasn’t much on sale.  According to one sales person, they didn’t have anything left to sell on Boxing Day, as most of their merchandise was sold before Christmas!  Despite my disappointment with the inventory that was left, I did end up buying a pair of boots (30% off) and a coat (40% off).  I considered neither to be amazing deals, but I needed my fix and I liked them, so I bought ’em despite the fact they weren’t even 50% off.  Daniel, however, got his yearly Diesel fix.  Every Boxing Day, he goes down to the Diesel store and picks up a puffy coat at 50% off.  This year, he lucked out and picked up 2!  He never out-does me in terms of shopping, but this year, I think he won : (

Below is a picture of me all happy on Boxing Day. 

Winnie - Boxing Day Shopping!!!

Winnie – Boxing Day Shopping!!!

We spent 5 hours prowling the stores and needless to say, I was seriously pooped by the time we got back home.  After lunch, I stayed home and took a much needed nap but Daniel continued with his “out-doing” me and hit the electronic stores with his buddy, Kelvin.

Yesterday, I went to PMH and met with Dr. Yee.  The hospital was quieter than usual, as most doctors were on holidays.  Dr. Yee was there though – she’s really hard-working.  If you recall, Dr. Yee told me last week to take a one week holiday from my medicine (Gleevec), to see if my blood counts would recover.  Good news this week was that my platelets went up, and my hemoglobin was slightly up as well.  Dr. Yee thought this was a good sign and that my extremely low blood counts were probably due to the Gleevec, and not to disease progression.  Unfortunately, my bone marrow aspiration/biopsy results were not back yet, so she had no way to confirm this.  Hopefully, the results will be back next week.  Dr. Yee told me to continue my Gleevec holiday for another week, to try to bump my platelets and hemoglobin up even more.  So, my fingers are crossed (yet again) for another week without medicine, hoping that my leukemic cells do not go crazy this week.

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