Weekly update

I have been back on Gleevec (400mg) for 7 days now.  Other than my left eye competing against my right eye for who is the piggyest of them all, no other significant side effects to speak of so far.  Although I do feel the water retention coming back slowly…the skinny jeans are feeling a little tight… 

Just got my blood results for this week and I can only be grateful.  My hemoglobin and WBCs are still slightly lower than normal, but not too bad.  My platelets, on the other hand, are COMPLETELY NORMAL.  So normal that I am going to book an appointment to get my teeth cleaned ASAP.  If I don’t do it now, I don’t know what will happen to my platelets in a few weeks, and if my platelets begin to drop again, there will just be non-stop bleeding if I go to the dentist, so this is my chance and I’m jumping on it!!!

Juice keeps me healthy

Juice keeps me healthy

Ever since I was diagnosed with advanced phase CML, I’ve been on somewhat of a health kick.  Almost every morning, Daniel makes me fresh juice.  We put in all sorts of things, like green apples, carrots, cucumbers, green peppers, beets, burdock root, kale, dandelion, bitter melon, you get the picture.  If it’s good for you, we’re juice’in it.  I also keep to a pretty strict diet now and have cut out a lot of “bad” foods.  So far, I think this has helped TREMENDOUSLY.  I’m convinced that my current diet is helping me get rid of all the built-up toxins in my body so my body can be stronger and fight all those bad leukemic cells.  And yes, I’ve also quit drinking ***SIGH***.

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2 Responses to Weekly update

  1. Edna Ho says:

    Hi Winnie,

    Good to know that your diet change helps! Did you try Rudolf Breuss’ juice recipe?

    Breuss Vegetable Juice Mixture
    • 55% red beet root, 300 grams
    • 20% carrots, 100 grams
    • 20% celery root, 100 grams
    • 3% raw potato, 10 to 30 grams options
    • 2% Black Radish, 10 to 30 grams The potato is optional except for liver cancer where it plays an important part.


    Budwig’s Protocol
    Budwig’s diet recipe

    I’ve heard of Budwig’s flaxseed oil recipe as well. Just for reference if they’re of any use to you. How sweet Daniel is making you fresh juices everyday!

    Edna 🙂

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Hi Edna,

      Thanks for the recipes. I will definitely try the recipe to change it up a bit from the normal juice I drink every day.


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