Surgery day

Yesterday, I went to Toronto Western Hospital to get my cyst removed.  Wow!  Was it ever quick.  We were in and out of the hospital within 2 hours.  That was a pleasant surprise.  No waiting whatsoever.

Winnie just right before the surgery

Winnie just right before the surgery

I underestimated the surgery though…it was scarier and more painful than I had expected.  The problem was, I was awake the whole time.  Local anesthetic was applied to the area around the cyst – I hate that really painful feeling when the anesthetic spreads slowly under the skin.  Then, the doctor (a plastic surgeon) poked me with the scalpel to see if enough anesthetic was applied.  When he poked me on the left side of my cyst, I could feel something sharp, so he applied more anesthetic.  Throughout the operation, that left side continued to feel like there was not enough anesthetic and I could feel slight “sharpness” throughout.  The worst part, however, was the cauterization  – I could actually smell my skin and tissue being burned off.  That was really quite scary.  But the scariest part was when he was moving the cauterizer towards the left side, where there wasn’t enough anesthetic…beads of sweat were trickling down my forehead at this point.  But in the end, no catastrophic pain. 

After the doctor removed the cyst, he sewed me up.  I asked him how many stitches and he said he’d tell me after he finished, but he forgot.  So, I don’t know exactly how many stitches, but there were quite a few.  He also showed me the “thing” that was removed – it was the size of a “kumquat” according to the doctor, and not the size of a ping pong ball as I had earlier thought.  They put the “thing” in a bottle and sent it off for tests, to make sure it was benign.

Then, we left the hospital.  Everything seemed fine, until the anesthetic started to wear off. Then the PAIN started.  I try not to take Tylenol or any pain meds cause it’s not good in conjunction with my leukemia meds, so I just had to bare the pain.  Biggest problem was that the wound was on my neck and I couldn’t lie down to sleep.  So I had to sleep on my side all night.  Overall, I guess it wasn’t too bad.  Now, I just hope the scar heals well and without any incident (e.g., infection) and that the “thing” is confirmed to be benign.

This week’s blood test results were still good, except that my platelets are beginning to fall again.  This is probably due to the fact that I’ve been on Gleevec for 3 weeks now.  Oh well…

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4 Responses to Surgery day

  1. Edna Ho says:

    You’re so brave! Fortunately, medical service is very advanced nowadays. My mum had a 3-hr neck (herniation of cervical disc) surgery done during X’mas. I was taking care of her 24 hrs for 3 days. She recovered very well. Doctor is the key. My mum’s scar is not visible after a month now. Think positively & have good rest to let body heal. I’m sure you’ll be looking better and better!

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Hi Edna,

      I hope your mom is doing well now. My scar is healing well now, with only some redness as it is still irritated a bit. But it is only 2.5 weeks since the surgery. Thanks again!


  2. Tiffany says:

    Yes, you are very very brave! Do you feel that you rediscover yourself every day? 🙂 God bless!

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