Dentistry at PMH

I had an appointment with Dr. Yee yesterday, at PMH.  While my blood counts were still good, my PCR test results were disappointing.  PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction.  It is the most sensitive test available for CML and it measures my response to treatment.  While the results of my PCR test indicated that I did have a response to Gleevec, the response wasn’t very deep.  This means that there are still lots of leukemia cells running around in my body.  Dr. Yee told me that the results of this test further supports the need to go to transplant.  I know, I know…I don’t need any more bad news…I’m convinced…I’m going to transplant…no need to convince me anymore…

Dr. Yee had already started the ball rolling in terms of getting the donor, the hospital and me ready for the transplant.  I will have to undergo many tests before I am admitted to the hospital.  These pre-admittance tests are necessary to ensure  that I meet the minimum health requirements to actually get a transplant.  People who aren’t healthy enough do not qualify for the procedure.  These tests also establish a baseline of my health, which the doctors will refer to after my transplant to see how well my body is holding up (or not).

One of my first pre-admittance procedures is a visit to the dentistry department at PMH.  I didn’t even know PMH had a dentistry department!  They need to x-ray my teeth so they will have a baseline to compare with after my procedure.  Apparently, chemotherapy and radiation can wreak havoc to my teeth.  Who knew?  The dentists will also recommend a cleaning and any other procedure that they deem necessary for me to avoid infection after the transplant.  I’m sorta dreading this cause I know they’re gonna wanna take out my impacted wisdom tooth.  I have 4 wisdom teeth, but only one of them is impacted (growing sideways).  It’s been there for years, and yes, it gets infected once in a while.  I’ve just never dealt with it, that’s all.  Now, I’m sure it will have to go, as any little source of infection after the transplant could kill me.  My dentistry appointment is tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

From now until I get a call from PMH with an actual admittance date, I’m just putting things in order and getting ready, mentally and physically.

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2 Responses to Dentistry at PMH

  1. kennethdavid says:

    Winnie, I’m following you every step of the way and cheering you on. This is a positive thing, post-treatment, you will have one less impacted wisdom tooth to worry about!

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Hi Kenneth,

      Thanks for following my journey. You’re right, one less wisdom tooth, one less worry!!!


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