Back from the PMH dentist

So yesterday, I attended at the dentistry department at PMH.  They took an x-ray of my full mouth and, lo and behold, I only have 3 wisdom teeth!  Whatever happened to my 4th one, I will never know.  I don’t remember taking it out.  Maybe I never had a 4th one…

Anyways, the dentist looked at my x-ray and said, “Hmm, that wisdom tooth on your lower left side bothers you, doesn’t it?”  Wow!  How did he know that?  Apparently, he tells me he can know a lot of things just by looking at my x-ray, like the fact that I’m Asian, I’ve had braces before and my wisdom tooth on my lower left side gets infected.  As expected, he recommended that I remove the tooth that gets infected, but that I should leave the other two alone.  Fine.  I got an appointment in about a week to get it removed.  I should have plenty of time for it to heal before my transplant. 

While I was there, I also had a cleaning since they had a last minute cancellation.  They weren’t able to finish though, because they didn’t have enough time, so I have to go back for them to finish it off.

As I was sitting in that chair, I saw a poster on the wall that said, “This is what happens if you don’t use your fluoride gel every day…”  And the poster showed several pictures of VERY rotten teeth.  Yuck!  I was totally convinced.  I promise to use my fluoride gel every day after my chemo and radiation therapy!  Apparently, according to the dentist, most complications and infections after chemo and radiation originate in the mouth, so oral hygiene is SUPER SUPER important for a good recovery.  I learn something new every day!

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3 Responses to Back from the PMH dentist

  1. ayc410 says:

    I only had 3 wisdom teeth too.. hahaha

  2. Eunice says:

    Glad you caught it before your transplant! 🙂

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