Wisdom tooth is gone!

Yesterday, I went to PMH to get my problem wisdom tooth out.  Normally, I don’t get scared of these minor and routine type of surgeries, but these days, I’m particularly sensitive emotionally, so I was totally freaked out.  I practically had a panic attack!  It ended up not to be all that bad.  The bleeding stopped within 24 hours and today, I’m able to eat regular food again.

I’ve noticed that I’m becoming a very demanding patient lately.  I “demanded” that my 6 feet tall male dentist wear a neon pink mask for the procedure and that he put on some spa music as well.  He obliged!  What a nice guy! 

My platelets are beginning to drop again.  Of course, this is not good.  If it continues to drop, I will need platelet transfusions.  If you recall, we’re trying to avoid transfusions because they may give me antibodies which are not good for transplants.  I’ll need to talk to my doctor to see what she suggests going forward.  Maybe she’ll reduce my dosage, or tell me to go on a drug holiday, or switch my drug, all of which may cause my leukemia to go crazy.  Aaarrggghhh!!!!

I still don’t have a date for the transplant yet.  I’m still waiting for the hospital to get back to me…

Oh, one more thing.  I’m going to receive the Catholic Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick on Monday.  For those of you who are not familiar with this,  Anointing of the Sick celebrates and carries out the healing ministry of Jesus.  The sacrament offers persons strength, peace and courage to overcome the hardships of serious illness or the increasing frailty of old age.  I’m very excited about this as I have faith that this sacrament will help me stay strong and positive, physically and mentally, for my journey ahead!

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8 Responses to Wisdom tooth is gone!

  1. Jodi says:

    Winnie, you have all our support! Be strong!

  2. Honey Amy says:

    Monday? Where?

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Hi Amy, at St. Luke’s, Bayview and Green Lane, beside the Food Basics, approx. 9pm. You are welcome to come but if you can’t make it, no worries!

  3. Helen williams says:

    Hiya ,Im Helen and from north wales uk.I am in the same predicament as you.18% bcrabl and blood counts lowering.Plat 53, white cells 1.9 , neuts 0.3.I have no option but to have a mini stem cell transplant.Fibrosis of marrow is what is making my counts low.You have written youre blog very well.I echo everythig you say.Take care ,il keep checking on you.xxx

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Hi Helen! Nice to hear from you and thank you for reading my blog. When are you going for your mini transplant? If you want to chat, you can send me an email at helpsavewinnie@gmail.com. I wish you you all the best.


      • Helen williams says:

        Hi.no date given yet .searching for donor.emotional wreck,so havent told family and friends.I havent been told any transplant info or risks yet.How are you today?x

      • helpsavewinnie says:

        Helen, feel free to contact me if you need to chat. Stay strong. I will pray for you.

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