As I am preparing to enter the hospital for my bone marrow transplant, this is what happens:

I was lucky.  I was not affected by this latest episode of incompetence.  I pray for the patients that were.

I’ve learned a lot from this illness, and the one most important thing I’ve learned is that you must be diligent about your own health.  Ultimately, you are the ONLY person who will be “responsible” for your own health.  Doctors, nurses, lab technicians, etc. are great and caring people, but they are people, and sometimes things do slip through the cracks.  Many of you may not be aware of this, but if the doctor who had originally done a routine blood test on me had properly referred me to an oncologist in a timely manner, I may not be in the situation that I am in right now.  Yes, I am also a victim of slipping through the cracks.  But there is nothing I can do about that now.  Therefore, my word of advice to all those reading this blog:  be diligent about your own health.  Do not rely solely on doctors simply because they are professionals.  Get all lab reports and read them yourself.  If you do not understand the report, Google it or ask the doctor for a line by line explanation.  You owe it to yourself and your family.

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  1. Amazing! What is even more amazing is the man saying that it probably won’t be a problem as these drugs were in combination with other drugs…they are only effective if given in the prescribed amounts! UGH
    So sorry people are having to deal with this!

  2. Helen williams says:

    Totaly agree with that statement.I was back and to to g.p for 18 mths.Mostly bone pain and thinking I was on the change as no monthlys then a few.Had a tooth filled and got locked jaw.One reason this happens is too many white cells.No blood tests were ever doine.In the end a large lump and side pain made me go to a and e.Thats when got diax.xx

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