Counting down – 12 days to admission

I am totally pooped today.  We had to run a lot of errands.  I did a MUGA scan first thing in the morning at Toronto General.  They injected  my veins with a radioactive substance and took pictures of my heart to see how well it was functioning.  It will be used as a baseline.  Then I did a cognitive function test at PMH as part of a study.  Then, I browsed the wig salon at PMH and bought a sleep cap for when I lose all my hair.  Apparently, my head is going to be cold, that’s what they tell me. 

Winnie's HOT PINK Crocs

Winnie’s HOT PINK Crocs

After that, we headed to First Markham Place to get a pair of comfortable prescription eyeglasses, as I will not be able to wear contacts for a long time.  After that, we went to Markville Mall to buy other necessities for the hospital, like comfy shoes and comfy clothes.  OMG, never in my life have I owned so many sweats and hoodies!!!  They were deeply discounted so I bought one in every colour, and one for my sister too (it’s her birthday soon).  Yes, they are all colour co-ordinated.  A girl has to look good, you know, no matter the occasion.  Then, we had to go back to First Markham Place to pick up a pair of Crocs.  They ran out of my size at Markville.  I hate Crocs, they’re ugly, but OMG are they comfy!  So, I picked up a pair for the hospital, in HOT PINK.  Hey, if I’m gonna look blasted ugly after the chemo and radiation, at least I’ll be do’in it in style!

And finally, after all that, it was past 9 o’clock in the evening.  We’ve been out and about for over 14 hours.  No wonder I’m pooped!  Still got tons to do over the next couple of days.  I’d really like to post a bit more about the transplant process and timeline.  But not tonight, I’m tired.

I asked the transplant co-ordinator today about the chances of my current donor backing out.  She told me that the chances were low, since the donor has already gone through several steps and confirmed that he/she is willing and able to donate.  Thank you, God!  I shall continue to pray.

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