Day-3 (morning)

That little blue pill really worked! I took one last night at around 10:15pm, was sound asleep before midnight and slept right through until 5:00am, at which time I automatically woke up. A deep 5 hrs. of sleep at least. I’m getting me another one of those little blue pills and going to see if I can work it up to 6 or 7 straight hours of sleep tonight.

Waking up in the morning here alone is very sad. It is dark cause dawn has not broken yet, it is quiet, Daniel and my babies are not close by, and it is just plain sad. My neighbors are all in the same boat as me, all 14 of us here on the “allo” floor, they call it. Allo stands for allogeneic, which means we are getting our bone marrow from another person. With some types of blood cancers or other diseases, it is possible to get an autologous transplant, meaning that you harvest your own bone marrow, irradiate it or something and put it back into you as new healthy cells. I know a gentleman who is undergoing an autologous transplant right now. We met on He is a few days ahead of me in the process and he’s still sending out email updates and can you get this – trying to work from his hospital room! And he’s not a young’un as you might imagine – he’s years post qualifying for Old Age Security! His attitude is AMAZING! I need some of that! May God continue to keep him in good spirits and restore him to good health!

Today is Chemo Day 3. I’m expecting pretty much the same type of stuff today, blood draws, vitals, chemo, lots and lots of anti-something or other drugs infused into me, 3 showers, 3 meals, etc…The nurse asked me if I had any new aches and pains and I replied “no”. Thanks be to God for His grace and mercy so far.

One of the nurses offered me a day pass, to get out of the hospital for a bit, to walk around in some fresh air. I can do this until Day 0, I am told. I want to, but I’m sure my mom and dad will be like, “Be good, stay in your room, you can’t afford to get sick now.” Chinese parents. Dad even bought me a hot water boiler for my hospital room. Apparently, Chinese people are constituted differently so they can’t take ice-cold water. The nurses here say they know all about the different cultural and personal idiosyncrasies (for lack of a better word) about all the different types of people that come through here. Toronto is very multicultural and they’ve seen it all. And they are VERY accommodating about it here. After all, half of the patients here won’t make it.

At this time, I would like to thank my donor from the very bottom of my heart. I don’t know who my donor is, whether it is a man or a woman, or where he/she is from, although I think he/she is probably Chinese like me. I pray to God that He will bless my donor and his/her family and that my donor will possess the strength of mind and body to complete the donation process.

Now, off to brush my teeth, walk the hallways and wait for breakfast!!!

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8 Responses to Day-3 (morning)

  1. tiff1332 says:

    You go girl! I am so lad ‘the little blue pill’ helped! I take one every night myself, but I have never slept well………ou are so correct, the mornings and late evening are so lonely, had forgotten that. I had a boom box. And my favorite CDs at the ready, music helped alot! Music and mindless games on the computer, like Tetris, puzzles, solitaires, kept my hand eye ordination going as well as my mind busy. Too much time to think is not a good thing in my brain 🙂 !!!
    Take the pass! Not o go anywhere with lots of people, but Just to walk around outside the hospital, they should have a garden or bench or some such, fresh air helps!
    It is so cute your dad bought you a boiler, kind of an ahhhhhh moment. Very hard for family not to be able to just fix it!
    Our post sounds so strong n awesome! But know you are scared to death, you can do this! Thinking of you everyday! Every minute, many healing hugs on the way!
    Patti. Aka Parrothead
    PS I told my son I was fixing him up with your sister, he just rolled his eyes at me , lololol

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Thanks for your insights Patti! My sister’s bringing board games this evening. That should keep my mind off things. I don’t dare tell her about fixing her up…she’ll roll her eyes at me too! LOLOL!

  2. Winnie, you might want to check, the only “little blue pill” I know about is for men!! LOL Ok, I will be good. Sleep is amazingly necessary and feels so good when you get enough. Keep on asking for that pill my friend! Listen to mom and dad too. When they are around, do it their way and then change it when they leave! LOL Just kidding mom and dad!
    Hope to see you in chat.

  3. Debbie Loughlin says:

    Hi Winnie, I am praying to the Blessed Mother for you as well, peace and healing to you today.
    Debbie Loughlin

  4. Cheryl Thornton says:

    Hey Winnie – being alone is hard throughout this process – it was hard for me too when I was inpatient – but sometimes its good to have some time to yourself to reflect on what’s going on around you – I am glad the sleeping pills are working – and you are not feeling sick yet from the chemo – that is wonderful! I am sorry I didn’t get into the chat site this week – but I will do my best to get there on Tuesday – next Saturday is my night to host so I am hoping you will be feeling well enough to pop in and chat! Sending prayers from my part of Ontario…

  5. Hope to see you in chat!

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