Day-4 (evening)

It is just after 7:00pm right now and it was a busy day. They took my my blood once early in the morning, took my vitals a few times throughout the day, gave me my chemo and anti-nausea, anti-fungal, antibiotic, and anti-lots of other stuff.

I had registered a “fever” mid-day, which kinda freaked me out, cause it was so early in the process. But later on the “fever” subsided and we figured it was not really a fever, but I had just gotten out of a hot shower immediately prior to my temperature being taken so my temperature was “warmer” than normal.


My salmon dinner tonight

I had butter chicken and steamed rice for lunch and it was kinda yummy. I snuck in a much needed one-hour nap in the middle of the day and woke up to a dinner of poached salmon and mashed potatoes. I gained 0.5kg since admission. Oh, I did walk around the hall and did 10 minutes on the stationary bike. I can feel my blood counts dropping, especially my hemoglobin, as my energy level is beginning to decrease.

Not much more to say about today, except that I’m finally getting the hang of things around here. I had a tough time with the showering business the first 2 days, as I was still trying to figure out how not to get my Hickmann Line wet, how not to get the whole bathroom floor wet, how not to tug on my Hickmann Line so hard as to make myself bleed, when and who came into my room at what time to do what, and how, when and who to ask for what. You get the picture. I am adapting to a whole new life here, and I think I’ll be quite the pro by early next week, maybe even earlier!

Looking to spend some quiet time with Daniel this evening (he’s trying to upload that PMH photo tour for the “Day-6 and Day-5” post.

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