In 2 days, I would reach my 30-day milestone. The first one I’ll need to reach. I would be lying to you if I told you my life was a walk in the park right now. Between physical pain and limitations and complications from one thing or another, and emotional and mental anguish because I’m so limited in what I’m allowed to do, I find myself falling apart. The journey doesn’t seem to get easier.

I saw someone at the clinic the other day. She’s 2 years post-transplant and she’s doing very well. She was so happy for me when she saw me. Except the only thing I could say to her was, “I’m so tired…” as I was being wheeled away in my wheelchair. They were going to give me fluids as I was dehydrated. I felt better afterwards.

The eating is still a struggle – too hard and the food will make me have stomach pains. Too soft and there’s no progress, like Ensure. Please help me with this one God!

My biggest wish right now is to get to my 100 day milestone. If you could all pray that the next 60 days or so will fly by event free, that would be the most awesome. That is when I get to go home, I mean really go home, not this prison of a place I call “home” now. I want to finally see people and most of all, my furry babies after so long. I miss them so much. Please, please, please God, let the next 60 days or so be as uneventfree and as quick as possible. Thank you Lord!

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5 Responses to Day+28

  1. Cheryl Thornton says:

    Winnie – 30 days is a great milestone – hang in there things will get better – but the process is sometimes slow and frustrating. Being dehydrated adds to the fatigue so make sure to drink lots! Fatigue is the number one complaint of transplant patients and can sometimes last for a long time…so rest when you need to – being home is good for your recovery but right now being closer to the hospital is more important…bring a few of your things to the new apartment to help make it feel like home. Missing your pets was something that I struggled with as well. My cat is my “baby” and how would he understand that I wasn’t abandoning him…but they are resilient and will be just as excited to see you when you get there.

    I know its hard Winnie but you have to try and keep your mind positive…giving up mentally has a strong effect on your recovery – do what you need to do to keep your recovery moving in a positive direction.

    Sending prayers to you today

    • helpsavewinnie says:

      Thanks, Cheryl, for following me every step of the way, no matter how difficult. Today was a good day. I hope for more and more of these. Please let Michelle and the ladies know I may not be able to come to chat for a while, due to ups and downs in my condition and technical difficulties. But be assured, I’ll post here when I can and I am hoping that will be more and more often. My hubby is so pooped, poor guy. I just wish him some good rest in between taking care of me and all that other stuff he needs to do. Talk soon Cheryl!

  2. bdworman says:

    Many prayers Winnie, sorry things seem to be dragging along. It is our lesson in patience, I guess.
    Lots of Love from Lubbock!

  3. Father Bill says:

    When I read your blogs Winnie I wish I could bring about a divine intervention and I hope you know that I and many others are prayerfully joining you in that request. The reality that I know to be true is that God is with you and it seems is allowing the body he created for you to repond to the process of healing. You have made progress and the future will arrive. There are many praying cheerleaders anticipating your freedom. God is with you.

    Fr. Bill

  4. lindai88 says:

    Hi Winnie, glad that you’ve reached your 30 days milestone. I know you are suffering right now to say the least. Hang in there! you are on the way to the recovery! Pray for you! Hope any new day is easier for you!!

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