I struggled for a few days with whether I’d post what I am currently dealing with. It’s just that I didn’t want to needlessly worry anyone should it turn out to be nothing. But after some thought I thought I’d be honest about my day-to-day struggles. So here goes…

This past Tuesday, my bloodwork came back less than stellar. My blood counts were dropping drastically, especially my white blood count and neutrophils. Neutrophils help me fight infections and since mine were so low, it is very dangerous for me right now. The doctors didn’t know why this was happening but suspected that one of my medications (valganciclovir) was doing this to me. So, he told me to stop that medication immediately. In addition, he gave me a few Neupogen shots to inject over the next few days in the hopes that my neutrophils would recover a bit.

I went back to the hospital again this past Friday and my blood counts did not recover despite stopping valganciclovir and taking the Neupogen shots. In fact, they continued to fall. This was very worrisome, and at this point I asked a very hard question of the doctor. What does this mean? He said one of 3 things. It could still be the valganciclovir – maybe it just needs more time to get out of my system and maybe I need a few more Neupogen shots. The second and third answers were not so good – it could be disease relapse or transplant failure. He then went out to discuss this with another very experienced doctor and came back in to reassure me that most likely it was the medication. OK, I don’t know if that was really their opinion or they were just trying to put me at ease, but it didn’t matter. I’m not going to dwell on it this weekend. I’m just going to let God take over.

My low blood counts also mean that my Day+60 bone marrow biopsy will be delayed. I was really hoping to get that over with, and know once and for all if the transplant worked, at least for now. But nothing is within my control of course, and I’m slowly getting used to that.

Next hospital visit is Tuesday. I just hope that my blood counts begin to show signs of recovery and that we have some answers.

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4 Responses to Day+59

  1. Cheryl Thornton says:

    Winnie – don’t panic – you could be experiencing what many call the 60 day slump – when counts fall for no reason – many of your blood cells have limited life span and for whatever reason it seems to happen for a lot of transplant patients – hang in there!

  2. helpsavewinnie says:

    Cheryl, what would I do without you? I haven’t even heard of the 60 day slump. I’m not panicking yet, but am hoping for the best. Thanks again!

  3. Polia says:

    Hey Winnie. Please keep optimistic. There are so many of us praying for you.

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