I am writing this post LIVE from Princess Margaret Hospital. I am currently being transfused with platelets, so have some time on my hands. This week was particularly tiring due to 3 hospital visits – clinic visit on Tuesday, blood transfusion yesterday and clinic visit/platelet transfusion today. There is so much waiting around. And the back and forth commute is so long. I am soooooo pooped.

My health issues haven’t changed much from last week, although the GVHD of the mouth and skin seem to have gotten better. No indication of additional GVHD for the time being.

Main concern this week is extremely low blood counts – hence all those transfusions! As expected, the medication I’ve been on for keeping my CMV numbers under control have seriously suppressed my red blood count, my white blood count, my platelets and my neutrophils. Can you imagine? I almost have no platelets (these are for blood clotting), no white blood cells and no neutrophils (these are for fighting infections)!!! How a person can still walk around in that condition I have no idea! But I guess it’s possible! I do it all the time… In addition to blood and platelet transfusions, they’re also giving me Neupogen shots to increase my neutrophils.

My platelets are done! They’re gonna do my vitals now, unhook me and let me go home. FREEDOM!!!

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