Day+214 (7 months)

It’s been longer than usual since my last post more than 3 weeks ago. It’s just that there hasn’t been any change in my situation. I guess no news is good news at the moment. My next PCR test, to test the presence of CML cells in my body, is supposed to be sometime in January. In the meantime, I’m getting weekly or bi-weekly blood tests to monitor blood counts. If the doctor doesn’t see anything weird going on in these weekly/bi-weekly blood tests, then no need to worry for the moment.

Currently, other than feeling really tired all the time due to a very low red blood count, I’m actually feeling rather “normal”. I still get bi-weekly blood transfusions for the low RBCs. I’m taking Gleevec, and get nausea every other day or so as a side effect from it. I’m taking a lower than normal dose right now so I’m not puffing up or bleeding in the eyes like before.

My taste buds are slowly waking up and my saliva production is also slowly recovering. My skin is no longer itchy and is not as dry as before. My eyebrows are growing back, and so is my hair – it is like a crew cut now.

We’ve finally moved into our new place. The doggies will be joining us this weekend. I am soooo happy that we will all be together again under one woof!

Unless something unexpected happens, I’m not thinking about cancer until January. I’m going to enjoy the holidays and eat good food, now that I can taste some of it!!!

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2 Responses to Day+214 (7 months)

  1. Helen says:

    Hi Winnie,thankyou for youre kind msges to me.xx
    Let the party season commence for you with fun ,

  2. Jennifer says:

    Awesome Winnie I’m so glad!!! I saw you come online on FB the other day – send me a message if you’re up to it. Would love to see you if you’re up to that too…I know that may be asking a lot though.

    Have you been thinking of you recently and glad to see you will be enjoying the holidays…and the snow too!

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