I’ve been having very normal days lately and I am very grateful. I just went to my doctor’s appointment today at PMH and my bloodwork is looking good. My hemoglobin is not dropping as quickly as it used to, and my reticulocyte counts are increasing, both positive signs of bone marrow recovery. I still have CML cells floating around in there, but that’s a concern for another day. I’m still taking Gleevec for that.

That’s really all I have to say today. Kinda boring but no news is good news. I’m just wondering when I can take my hickman line out and go swimming and scuba diving again…

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2 Responses to Day+231

  1. Cheryl Thornton says:

    Winnie – this is just good news…feeling a normal is very good – and you are right when you say the CML cells are a worry for another day – if the Gleevac is taking care of them – then all is good – wishing you a wonderful holiday season in your new home!

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