Day+255 (8 months, 11days)

Happy New Year! I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2014!

As promised, I was busy eating throughout the holidays, with a little shopping thrown into the mix. Just very happy to be able to do normal stuff.

Last hospital visit was Dec 31. Blood results looked good; doctor was happy. The doctor scheduled the long-awaited PCR test for Jan 15. This test will tell us how well the current medication is working or not. I’d be totally lying if I told you I am not anxious right now. But I’ve been on this journey long enough now that I’ve learnt to deal with the stress of waiting.

Recent victories: I can eat like a horse. My previous passions are coming back – makeup, clothes, handbags, shoes, shopping in general LOL! My doggies love me again ^_^! I dream of going on vacation and going back to work. I can go to gatherings if I am careful. My red blood cell counts are holding pretty well so I am needing blood transfusions less and less frequently.

Recent setbacks: My right eyebrow is falling out again (yup, just the right side). My hairline is receding like man’s (so weird). I have an infection at the exit site of my Hickman line (with oozing blood and pus, so gross). My nails have still not recovered from the chemo/radiation/transplant – they are still soft and easily torn, the surface is full of ridges and bumps and they are still discoloured. I can’t read near, like I have presbyopia, but the doc says it might be swelling in the eyeballs due to my meds or it might be transplant-related or I’m just getting old. I’ll be seeing an opthamologist at the hospital for that soon.

Small victories = very happy
Minor setbacks = I can deal with it

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5 Responses to Day+255 (8 months, 11days)

  1. Mavis says:

    Happy New year! Winnie~ God bless you and all the best on your recovery!! ^^
    Mavis/ Vincent

  2. Eunice says:

    Happy New Year Winnie! Glad to hear that that you’re doing well. Focus on the small victories! xo

  3. Janice says:

    Happy New Year Winnie!
    Remember me from high school?
    I have been thinking about you and have been quietly reading your blog for the past year. I’m happy to hear that you’re on the road to recovery. May God continue to bless you.


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