Day+321 (10 months, 15 days)

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last post.  I wasn’t expecting that the shingles would take so much out of me.  After my last post, my shingles blisters dried up nicely and I was no longer contagious.  In all honesty, my shingles episode wasn’t that bad and I thought I lucked out.  What really got me by surprise is what I have now, called postherpetic neuralgia.  It SUCKS!!! And I’ve been feeling like CRAP!!! It almost sucks as much as my BK virus episode last year, and THAT REALLY SUCKED!!!

Anyways, postherpetic neuralgia is a nerve pain (or itch or burning, etc.) that occurs at the site of a previous shingles rash that has already healed.  It can last for months or even years.  It’s very debilitating because the pain or itch can be INTENSE and CONSTANT throughout the day and night.  For the past month, I was unable to sleep throughout the night without being woken up by pain or itching.  So I tried to catch up on the sleep during the day.  So I was basically in bed 24 hours a day.

I have already tried 2 types of medications, both of which did not provide any relief.  I am going to try a third type soon to see if it will make any difference.  But I am happy to report that I think the pain is subsiding somewhat.  I say “I think” because, apparently, it could come back without any warning!!!

Sooo, that’s why I’ve been “quiet” for the past month.  I’ve just not been in the mood for anything.  I can’t believe I’ve been continuously sick for the first 3 months of 2014!  Aaaarrrgggghhh!  I guess it doesn’t really matter cause the weather has been really bad and I haven’t really missed anything.  April is the first anniversary of my transplant and I hope that brings me better luck!

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