Day+365 (1 year)

Today is the first anniversary of my transplant – my so-called first birthday. I am very happy and grateful. Thank you EVERYONE for supporting me this past year. There are so many of you…you know who you are…THANK YOU!

I still go to the hospital regularly – to see Dr. Lipton, to get my blood drawn for tests, to get my pentamadine treatment, to have my teeth checked, to get my eyes checked, to pick up meds, etc.

I will be getting my PCR test done next week – I don’t look or act stressed but I can tell you that I AM STRESSED! I think that I will have this cloud hanging over me for the rest of my life. I think once you have cancer, you are always concerned that it will come back.

I think I shall end my post here. I’ll post my PCR test results as soon as I find out, maybe in 2 to 3 weeks. Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Day+365 (1 year)

  1. Vivian Wong says:

    Thank you for the update. Will keep you in my prayers. Your courage continues to be an inspiration to me!.

  2. Gael says:

    What a wonderful day for you – I’m so happy to read your post today. Wishing you health and joy!

  3. Cheryl Thornton says:

    Winnie – I so wish that I knew this yesterday when we talked in the chat room! HAPPY 1ST RE-BIRTHDAY!! Celebrate – eat cake – dance in the rain!! WOO HOO!! You are amazing – there’s no time to be scared – you need to get back out amongst the living – ’cause girlfriend – YOU ROCK!!

  4. helen Williams says:

    The very best of wishes to you on youre re birthday.think of you lots..ive got loads of issues with illness.june 14 th il be one again. Hehe xxxxx

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